Purchase Issues of PLR

Issues of the current PLR (#44) and back issues listed here are $13 per copy plus $5 for shipping and handling for the first copy and $1 for each additional copy. 

Please mail orders using our printable (pdf) order form to order issue #44 and available back issues.


PLR Issue #44 (2016) features work by Marge Piercy, Jan Beatty, Martin Espada,
Jim Daniels, Joe Weil, Laura Boss and others.



PLR #43 (2015)  includes in its 421 pages poetry, fiction, reviews, and essays by authors including Martín Espada, Diane di Prima, Jim Haba, Marge Piercy, Jan Beatty, Jim Daniels, Anele Rubin, Linda Hillringhouse, Penny Perry, Joe Weil, Laura Boss and others. It includes the 2014 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize winning poems and poems selected from the Poets Under 40 competition.



PLR #42 (2014) includes the winning poems for the 2013 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize and work by Marge Piercy, Diane di Prima, W.D. Ehrhart, Gary Fincke, Yehoshua November, Penny Perry, Mark Hillringhouse, Joe Weil, Laura Boss, and others.



Issue #41 (2013) includes the winning entries from the 2012 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize and work by Laura Boss, Kwame Dawes, Michael Cirelli, M.L. Liebler, Stanley Barkan, Maria Famá  Marge Piercy, Steve Kowit, Jim Daniels, Gary Fincke, Nin Andrews, Joe Weil,  and others. 



Issue #40 (2012) includes work by Maxine Kumin, Diane di Prima, Marge Piercy, Joe Weil, Laura Boss, Jim Reese, Kathleen Spivack, Louis Jenkins, Stanley Barkan and others, plus the winning poems for the 2011 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize.


PLR #39 (2011)  includes poetry, fiction and essays by Diane di Prima, Marge Piercy, Vivian Shipley, Laura Boss, Leslie Heywood, Jim Daniels, Diana Der-Hovanessian, Jim Reese, Lyn Lifshin, Hal Sirowitz and many others, and the winning poems from the 2010 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize.